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Whistle Workwear/American Workwear

Whistle Workwear began in 1995 as a store that is focused on the working person. A brick and mortar store where you can find the very best work clothing and footwear at competitive prices with great customer service located in the Pacific Northwest. Soon after the first store opened, an on-line store called American Workwear was launched, and has been in existence since 1996, shipping the same merchandise stocked in the retail stores. So, fast forward to 2015, and the two businesses have merged where you can have the merchandise shipped to you or elect to pick up your purchase in one of our 8 retail stores. Our stores, as seen in the example pictured to the right, stocks the best brand name merchandise for the working person. You can see the wide range of brands and product on the menu above. If we can’t guarantee it we won’t sell it and you can be assured of the best possible customer service.

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